Tasteful Nudes: Jojo



A collage piece (graphite, ink, construction paper, glitter) for Light Grey Art Lab’s Tasteful Nudes Exhibition, a recreation of a polaroid picture of me.

A background story of this piece:

When I was younger, I once walked into a room with video camera on. That was unexpected but I didn’t really give it a second thought because it was with my boyfriend at the time, and I did it just like any other time without camera present. Earlier this year (2019), I started going to therapy, and during the sessions discussing my past romantic (ish) relationships, this particular event came up and I started to feel unsettled. It has been years since I broke up with that person, and I have had pictures taken (like this one) and videos made with other people, then why does this feeling come up now? At this stage of my womanhood I finally understand it’s all about respect and consent, and I just felt violated by the action of setting up camera without asking me beforehand. I shared my story and hope it could remind someone out there that, yes, you’re a woman, you deserve all kinds of respect and you can say no. And you can feel upset from things you did in the past because you were unaware (like I was), but the most important thing is to learn from those experiences, and instead of blaming your young and naive self, starting to believe in your own girl power and love yourself just a little more than you already have.