GBA Award / Best Lighting


Golden Bell Award - Best Lighting

Style frame designs of the opening and closing animations of the Best Lighting for the Golden Bell Award, which is an annual award celebrating the making of TV and radio shows in Taiwan. 

I chose flashlights to represent the idea of “lighting” because of the shapes are similar to spot lights – which are often linked to theaters and award ceremonies. In the opening animation, there is a vague story line of two hands holding flashlights and looking for the mysterious creatures living in a dark cave. The bird-ish-looking creatures are inspired by an ancient Chinese legend; a woman named 簡狄 Jiandi ate an swallow egg and became pregnant. She gave birth to a boy, 契 Qi, who later established Shang dynasty. 「天命玄鳥,降而生商。」

Special thanks to Ruyin Tsai who animated my drawings. The music is provided by the award.